CAHTs - Art and crafts - Creative Atelier in Belgium CAHTs - Art and crafts - Creative Atelier in Belgium


In her creative atelier in Belgium, Catherine De Groote designs jewelry with great attention to detail and quality. By setting up a workshop in India, and giving work to several master craftsmen, CATHs is contributing in keeping alive the knowledge and the gifted skills of these talented people.

CATHs is dedicated to working with environmentally sensitive production methods and materials, including horn and bronze. Carefully selected, horn is the important ingredient in every piece. Catherine De Groote also invests a lot of time in new and sophisticated techniques to bypass the conventional work of horn.

Recently, a part of the production moved back to Europe, as to provide exquisite finish and details. What began as a side project became a gorgeous line of distinctive handmade pieces, evocative of bohemian culture and modern luxury.

Catherine de Groote. はベルギーの花の都ガンにある彼女のアトリエで、ディテールにこだわり、仕上がりの品質をイメージしながらデザインしています。CATHsのジュエリーの特徴はデザインを魅きたてるための厳選された素材。天然素材を多く用いています。 熟練職人のテクニックで手作りの温かみを表現するためにCATHsは生産場所にインドを選びました。脈々と続く現地の伝統に敬意を払い職人達と協働することで、かけがえのないものを後世に引き継ぎながら生み出された素敵なジュエリーをみなさまの元にお届けします。 CATHsはあなたを素敵に見せる小さな宝物のようなジュエリーをお求めやすい価格でご提供します。